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Product Category Free Promoting Campaign - Fashion Supplies
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Product Category Free Promoting Campaign

Campaign Description:

We have launched a new free promoting campaign on all of our product category pages, whatever you are our member or non-member, you are free to join this campaign by place your product advertisement on a category page, when visitors click your ad they will be redirected to your company website in which your exact products are displayed. Here are the ad zone units you can place ad:



Guideline for joining the promoting campaign: 

  1. The content of target URL(your company website page) must be exact the products you will promote on our website and must be category-related.
  2. You have to place our category page link on your company website's home page or related product page, the link text should use category-related keywords for linking to our category page. for example, if category name is "Scraft, Hat & Glove Set", you can use link text "scraft, hat & glove set", "scraft, hat & glove set suppliers", scraft, hat & glove set manufacturers", scraft, hat & glove set catalogue", "scraft, hat & glove set directory", etc.
  3. Each website can only promote one product.
  4. Any other queries please contact us via support(at)shewly.com